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X7 LaserWorks rangefinder is our latest design, with a nice green color, compact size & wireless charging technology. This is highly recommended if it’s not convenient for you to find a 3V CR2 battery in the market. Just connect USB cable to the wireless charging base and the power source, it will starts charging. Waterproof construction, high-quality 6x monocular with multi-layer coating for bright and clear images, 2 measurement units ( Y and M ), ranging distance from 4 to 600 meters, 5-1500 meters.

LaserWorks PRO X7 is a premium laser rangefinder,with advanced pinsenor, golf slope compensation and wireless charging technology. 
Advanced pinsenor technology, support to get the accurate distance to the flag-stick from the background (Like trees, woods ect. ) Resolution:+/-0.5Y within 200Y, +/-1Y over 200Y
Slope compensation: calculates and adjusts yardage depending on the degree of slope.
Wireless charging technology: Connect USB to the charging base, it will be full about 3 hours. Very convenient,no need to change the battery any more.
PRO X7 rangefinder is in a compact size: 106*73*35mm, weight only 146g. Durable ,rainproof and dust proof body.
laser rangefinder slope

Ranging, Scan, Flagpole/pin lock, Slope ( Get the slope and the adjusted distance. ), Vertical height measurements, Horizontal distance measurements, Fog, Speed km/h

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