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Adopt the new technology of digital camera with laser rangefinder, which is very user friendly. No need to focus with monocular scope, makes it easy for you to read your measurements and share with your buddies or friends for the pictures or videos during the game. Modes of: Ranging, Ranging + Recoding, Playback.

Golf Rangefinder Camera With Recording

Laser Rangefinder optics system has 4X of magnification. You can also enlarge the view from 1X to 4X by Zoom Out/ Zoom In. It is suggested to Zoom out to 2X digitally, which is 8X in total when ranging. Range accuracy is +/- 0.3m. The maximum distance to golf flag is 400m by scanning the Rangefinder and then the closest distance to golf flag will be locked and displayed instead of to further targets behind golf flag. Range maximum distance is1000m to high reflective objects. Objects color, size, surface & measuring environment difference can cause different distance feedback for same distance. 
Laser Range Finder with Camera


Modes of: Ranging; Ranging + Record; Playback
Magnification: 4 - 16X
Resolution: 1080P-Full HD
Display: 320*240
Distance: 5-1000 yards
Battery: 1 * 16500

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