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Night Vision LRNV009

LRNV009 is a unique IR Night Vision Scope in the market.It integrated laser rangefinder, night vision, E-compass, pitch angle measurement, pressure measurement all in one.It has built-in infrared illuminators and utilize 6 X32mm optical magnification system. LRNV009 can see dark object clearly in 200m distance.Suitable for viewing wildlife at night,fishing,hunting and security guard need.

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Multitask Infrared Night Vision Scope LRNV009 integrated laser rangefinder, night vision, E-compass, pitch angle measurement & pressure measurement all in one.


Night vision:200m

Sensor resolution: 720*480

Display resolution: 480*240

Digital Magnification: 4X

Laser rangefinder: 500m

Optics Magnification: 6X

Lens Dia.: 32mm

Field of View: 6°

Digital compass resolution: 1°  

Pitch angle: +/- 20°

Pressure measurement: 300-1100hPa  

Battery: AA x 4




Color:Black, Camouflage


Night vision 200m

Laser rangefinder 5-500m

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