Jolt technology: When aiming rangefinder at target in pole lock/ slope compensation mode, it will vibrate to indicate reading to the target is available




Golf pin seeker: When setting rangefinder in pole lock/slope compensation mode, hold power button to activate scan function. After panning rangefinder around the pole or other target, the shortest range distance will display without the interference of background.




Slope compensation:  Slope Compensation function is only available for angle within +/-19 ° Slope compensation distance is for golfer's reference when there is angle involved.





Anti-fog:  For light fog or mist situation, range finder will still be able to work in Fog Mode.  The distance has to be over 25 meters, otherwise range finder will show display wrongly.





Emission Projection Display (EPD): Newly developed EPD red display, suitable for day & night usage with brightness adjustable.


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