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Golf Range Finder S7, 800 meters Golf Laser Factory

This is our new released S7 range finder, with max range of 800m & 1200m. The ergonomic design makes the rangefinder very comfortable to hold. Fast measure & stable performance make the S7 very reliable for golfer. Anti-fog function will enable user to get the distance through light fog or mist circumstance. Except standard golf pin seeker, slope compensation, we have added on height & level distance measure for users.

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Objective lens: 21mm

Magnification: 6X

Field of View: 7.2°

Eye relief: 16mm

Resolution: +/-1M

Battery: 3V CR2

Automatically shut off: 30 seconds

Size: Length:101*40*77mm



1. Ranging

2. PinSeeker

3. Golf Distance Correction

4. Fog Mode

5. Horizontal Distance

6. Vertical Height measurement

7. Speed

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